Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who is your favorite character of all time from a book or movie?

A friend of mine posed this question the other day. I liked it so much because it made me think long and hard. Most people go to "classic" literature to come up with their answers...but I kept coming back to a white china rabbit named Edward Tulane.

In the story "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane", Edward belongs to a young girl who lavishes him with attention and love. During this time, Edward seems to only fancy himself. The girl's grandmother senses this...and he feels her discerning look and reads into that she knows the "real" Edward...with the implication that the "real" Edward is to self-centered and egocentric to love anyone or anything outside of himself.

The day comes that Edward gets lost...and thus starts his journey. Over the years, he is found and lost many times...and from each experience he discovers many different kinds of love from others, but more importantly FOR others.

I feel like Edward is a fantastic symbol of the human spirit. When we are young...we think only of ourselves and the effects of life on us and how they make us feel. But as you grow both physically and emotionally, thru different experiences with love in begin to open your heart and mind to others and different capacities of love. Through it all - there always seems to be that 1 person who "looks you over" with a sense that they can see through your facade. In the beginning...the look haunts you...but as you grow as a person...the look turns into something that you strive to prove wrong...not for yourself...but for those that love you.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is a children's book...intended to reach a 7 year old audience. However, I found myself deeply touched and moved by this story and highly recommend it to people of all ages who feel like they are in between stages in their lives.

So - that's my favorite character...who or what is yours? and of course why?

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