Sunday, February 14, 2010

People "think" in terms of their individual "creative" abilities...

Recently I've started to think that people "think" in terms of their individual "creative" abilities.

Take our musicians...and I mean TRUE musicians. Not folks who enjoy music or those who can simply play music...I mean the ones who live, breath and create music. I'm starting to believe that they actually think, perceive and see musically. My husband doesn't just 'hear' a song...he hears every single component of the song...including the artist's intent. He doesn't just take a walk on a wooded path...he absorbs the sounds and sights around him and appears to translate them in to music.

My father does the same thing using Math. Every thing he sees, hears or deals with, he seems to perceive as or in a mathematical equation.

I believe every "style" of person (musician, artist, teacher, engineer, chemist) has a very specific creative ability that they perceive, feel and experience life through. If we can get educators from the top down to see and feel this...then we can tap in to each child's creative ability resulting in their success.

...and this is where I will start the next phase of my life coming from...stay tuned... :o)