Friday, January 23, 2009

Stop the comparisons please...

I really wish people would stop comparing the Obama's to the Kennedy's. I mean really...the only thing that is remotely similar would be their tasteful attires.

President Obama and his wife built themselves up from nothing to where they are. They did not have family fortunes, silver spoons or family-pull to get them where they are today.

Jackie was not the strong, powerful woman that we see in Michelle. She sat there with that plastic smile on her face while her husband ran around the town with any skirt he could catch. Michelle is an independent, intelligent woman who does not stand down to her man, and my guess, would be less than tolerant of the mis-behavior JFK publicly displayed time and time again.

President Obama is a man who displays immense pride and hands-on love for his wife and two daughters. He does not walk a step ahead with a trophy family on display in tow. He has his adoration in his eyes when he lovingly gazes into his wife's eyes and does not look past her at the likes of Marilyn Monroe and other starlets.

While it is true, JFK supported and pushed forward many civil rights actions for America's black population...however, in comparing the two as men, husbands and heads-of-family....there is no comparison here. President Obama is twice what JFK could have hoped to have been in the areas of class, taste, pride and respect.

JFK may have been one of the most "popular" presidents of our no way do I want to diminish all the good he did for our country...but when it came to working hard for something you want, and the concept of family-values...the man falls very short in comparison to President let's all please get things in perspective here...

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